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The History of Lucien Piccard Watches

History of Lucien Piccard Watches

Lucien Piccard, the world-renowned watchmaker of luxury timepieces for men and women was founded in 1923, in Switzerland. Lucien Piccard has been handcrafting premium timepieces for over nine decades. The brand pioneered the use of gemstones on watches and was also one of the first watchmakers to use slim-line watch designs in their assortment.

Generations have chosen Lucien Piccard timepieces for their superb artisanship and innovative design. For over 90 years, Lucien Piccard watches have been worn on the wrists of royalty, statesmen and celebrities worldwide.

Today Lucien Piccard reflects back on its prestigious watchmaking heritage, combining the expert craftsmanship and classic design elements of the brand’s DNA with updated highly stylized contemporary characteristics.

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3d Rendering of the Lucien Piccard - Matador

A commanding profile from the Lucien Piccard Matador collection. This limited-edition men's twin balance wheel automatic men's timepiece recalls the legendary performance and design the brand is renowned for the impressive 46mm diameter case in your choice of polished stainless steel or rose gold-tone steel is presented on a handsome leather strap.