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The History of Raymond Weil Watches

History of Raymond Weil Watches

Highly sought-after, Raymond Weil watches are among the most-prestigious Swiss-made luxury timepieces in the world today. With a watchmaking heritage of over 65 years the brand is heralded for its elegant and distinguished timepieces for both men and women.

The brand was originally founded in 1976, by esteemed watchmaker Raymond Weil, who had worked more than 26 years in the watch industry and previously held the title of President of the Geneva Watchmaker Union, in addition to being the Vice President of the Watchmaking Industry Training Centre. Weil had a vision of what he thought Swiss watchmaking should be and wanted to bring a new dimension of timekeeping to the industry.

In the mid 1980’s Raymond Weil launched of the Amadeus Collection in conjunction with the Academy Award winning film of the same name along with the Othello Collection, a revolutionary ultra-thin watch series. Both collections garnered international acclaim and worldwide success, paving Raymond Weil’s reputation as a prominent player in the watch industry.

The brand today is still family-owned and operated as it was when it started 39 years ago. It is also one of the few remaining independent Swiss watchmakers in the world today.

The Parsifal timepiece, the Raymond Weil’s first stainless steel and 18K gold watch, originally introduced in 1991 remains their most popular timepiece collection and was updated in 2010 to reflect the dimensions and scale of today’s timepieces.

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