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Swiss-Made Watches

Swiss-Made Watches

The term Swiss-Made on a wristwatch is a classification of distinction only select watchmakers may feature on their watch dials and casebacks. Many of the world’s leading watchmakers are headquartered and have production facilities in Switzerland, the horological capital of the world, where both watch movements and entire timepiece collections are produced.

Timepieces classified as Swiss-Made must feature either automatic, mechanical or quartz movements produced exclusively in Switzerland and the movements must be encased entirely in Switzerland as well. Lastly, the manufacturer must have completed the watch’s final inspections in Switzerland.

Prestigious watchmakers Rolex, Cartier, TAG Heuer, Maurice Lacroix, Raymond Weil, Baume & Mercier, Swiss Legend, Maurice Lacroix, Gucci, Invicta, Movado and Accutron Bulova all produce Swiss-made watches.

Many other watchmakers feature timepieces with Swiss-made movements. The difference with these timepieces is that only the movements are produced in Switzerland. These movements are assembled in Switzerland and the movements must be inspected in Switzerland too. The cases, crystals, dials, bracelets and straps of these watches are then assembled in overseas countries across the globe.

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