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World Time Zone Watches

World Time Zone Watches

Seasoned global travelers and international multi-tasking executives would agree that World Time-Zone watches are absolute essentials whether they are traveling across the world or closing on deals in countries on other continents.

Having to frequently readjust your watch whenever you reach a new destination, or viewing your mobile device or computer to check the time in an international location is both cumbersome and bothersome…world-time zone watches offer a practical and convenient solution.

Watchmakers from Citizen, Seiko, Lucien Piccard and Swiss Legend to Breitling, IceLink, IWC and Gucci feature world time zone watches in their assortments.

The outer dials on many of the analog timepieces feature the names of popular cities across the globe: New York, London, Paris, Moscow, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Honolulu and Los Angeles and an independent hand that corresponds to the various time zones. Others have independent dials with specific regions only. World-time digital watches offer multi-time zone readouts for these cities.

If you’re looking just a dual time-zone function, you may want to consider a GMT watch which offers two independent time zones on the dial.

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