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Fortis Watches

Explore Precision: Discover Fortis

Fortis, one of the oldest Swiss watchmakers, founded in 1912 in Grenchen, Switzerland. All mechanical, automatic, hand assembled timepieces that are made from world class high quality materials and only the best Swiss movements are used.

Fortis was the World's first producer of the self winding mechanical wristwatch and a pioneer in the waterproofing of watches in the 1940's. They launched the first Swiss plastic watch, which was water-resistant up to 200 m in the 1960's. But design is nothing without functionality. After passing endurance tests in open space, the Russian Federal Space Agency ROSCOSMOS decided to name Fortis as the official timekeeper for its missions. The Cosmonautis Collection have been part of the standard equipment for the Russian aerospace travel since 1994 and must therefore be able to withstand exorbitant pressure. No other watch brand has spent more time in space and zero gravity conditions with more than 100,000 earth orbits on the International Space Station!

To honor the pioneering cooperation with the space authorities their emblem is engraved in the case back of all FORTIS Cosmonautis Collection models like the legendary Fortis Official Cosmonauts, the first automatic watch in open space. To this day, every Fortis is still hand-finished.

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